Starter Packages

Save with our Starter Packages.  

Our Total Relief Starter packages are engineered to give you total relief from your MTHFR symptoms.  If you know your MTHFR type, just click in the corresponding product bundle below.  We will give you our recommended dosages for each of the products in the bundle based on your MTHFR type.  Our dosages are based on over 10 years of treating patients in our Miami, FL based clinic.  


Prior to starting any MTHFR treatment regimen we recommend going thru our 10-Day Detox Kit Total Relief program below.


Biome IQ’s products are focused on helping individuals with MTHFR mutations get the proper methylation and nutrients they need in order to detoxify their bodies and reduce their symptoms. We are the first company to create genetically specific protocols based on MTHFR gene mutations.



MTHFR Terminology Basics:

At nucleotide 1298 of the MTHFR, there are two possibilities: A or C. 1298A (leading to a Glu at amino acid 429) is the most common while 1298C (leading to an Ala substitution at amino acid 429) is less common. 1298AA is the “normal” homozygous, 1298AC the heterozygous, and 1298CC the homozygous for the “variant”.  (for more information click here..)

C677T or rs1801133 is a genetic variation—a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)—in the MTHFR gene.
You get one copy of this gene from your mother and one from your father, so there are two possible copies that can be either “normal” or “mutant”. (For more information click here..)


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