Fertility Package
Fertility Package
Fertility Package

Fertility Package

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What make's BiomeIQ's Fertility Package great? 

  • Comprehensive package to meet your needs during pregnancy.
  • Support yourself and your baby before, during, and after pregnancy with BiomeIQ's Prenatal, Baby B Mine. 
  • Includes an MTHFR Genetic Test Kit to test baby for an MTHFR mutation once born. This allows you to make the best diet/lifestyle choices for them as they grow and develop. 
  • Includes a Food Sensitivity Test Kit which allows you to discover any problematic foods you may be eating which you can eliminate to reduce inflammation during pregnancy. 

BiomeIQ’s Fertility Package

Bundle and save! Purchase our Fertility Package and you'll save BIG time! 

What this package includes: 

9 month supply of Baby B Mine (9 bottles)

1 MTHFR Test Kit

1 Food Sensitivity Test 

About the Package: 

The Fertility Package is a comprehensive package to meet all of your needs during pregnancy. A 9 month supple of our MTHFR Friendly pre- and post-natal will help you get the vitamins and nutrition needed to support a healthy pregnancy and your body when nursing. Test your new baby with our MTHFR Genetic Test Kit which uses a cheek swab, making testing easy for infants. Finding out if your child has an MTHFR mutation early on allows you to make the necessary lifestyle and diet changes to support their best health and for them to thrive. The Food Sensitivity Test allows you to find out what foods your body is sensitive too. Avoiding problematic foods will allow you to alleviate inflammation and reduce any stress that these foods are creating for your body during pregnancy. 

BiomeIQ’s Baby B Mine

Do you have an MTHFR mutation and are looking for the right vitamins and nutrients for you and your baby?

Are you trying for a baby? Are you currently pregnant? Are you breastfeeding? BiomeIQ’s Baby B Mine is a spectacular pre- and post-natal which contains the cleanest, purest ingredients and works for all the stages of pregnancy.

An MTHFR Friendly prenatal containing high quality multi-vitamin and mineral support for before, during, and after pregnancy.

BiomeIQ’s Baby B Mine supports reproductive health when trying to conceive, during and throughout pregnancy, and while nursing. Our MTHFR-safe prenatal combines high quality, pure ingredients, is highly absorbable and is well tolerated throughout pregnancy.

Baby B Mine contains the most bioavailable form of Folate and B12 needed for those with MTHFR mutations. This prenatal supports reproductive health and promotes optimal Folate metabolism and methylation. Baby B Mine is formulated to meet the nutritional needs for pregnant and nursing women with MTHFR that are often overlooked in other popular pre-natals.

Ob/Gyn’s love this prenatal: “I have worked with a lot of prenatal vitamins but this one is my favorite! I like it for all of my patients, especially for those with MTHFR

mutations.” -Dr. Ferro.

MTHFR Test Kit

Tests for MTHFR A1298C and MTHFR C677T. This test explains which specific MTHFR mutation you have, and whether you are heterozygous (1 mutation), homozygous (2 mutations), or compound heterozygous (1 copy of A1298C and 1 copy of C677T).

Food Sensitivity Test

Tests for 184 different foods.