BiomeIQ MTHFR Mutations Supplements - A/- Essentials Package
BiomeIQ MTHFR Mutations Supplements

A/- Essentials Package (Multi-Balance, PM, P-CoQ-S)

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Recommended Dosages for A/- MTHFR Types

For anyone with a heterozygous A1298C mutation, this package contains the essentials that we recommend when supplementing to support methylation and MTHFR. This combination of supplements supports the metabolic cycle which is critical in the process of energy production. The metabolic cycle takes place within the mitochondria and this cycle is the main producer of our energy and detoxifiers. The beginning stage of the cycle relies on vitamin B12, the middle stage relies on a specific form of COQ10, and the last stage relies on using Folate Reductase to reduce the vitamin Folate. The MTHFR multi vitamin contains the additional antioxidants, trace minerals, and vitamins your body needs to reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, detoxification, and maintain a healthy immune system.

Containing the following:

* Pure Methylation - combination of 3 B Vitamins: B12, B6, and Folate and adheres to the same ratio that the mitochondrial cycle prefers with the already reduced form of the vitamin folate. This means it’s easy to absorb if you have MTHFR mutations. Just taking a methylated folate can be a problem because the mitochondrial cycle is turned on by B12. Only driving one part of this cycle without the rest can create problems for the body. Our product is a pure, certified physician grade vitamin supporting methylation and detoxification.

* Pure COQ100 – COQ10 is a critical co factor to running the metabolic cycle. Need an energy boost? This supplement supports energy production and reduces symptoms of chronic fatigue, brain fog, and chronic pain. As well as supporting healthy immune system, heart health, neurotransmitter production and reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure.

* MTHFR Multi Balance - packed full of the essential vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants necessary for individuals with MTHFR Mutations. Some multi vitamins can be rough on the stomach but MTHFR Multi-Balance has added Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium, making this supplement gentle on the body. MTHFR Multi Balance also contains Zinc, Manganese, and copper in bioavailable forms for the body. Quercetin, a potent antioxidant and bio-flavonoid, fights against free radical damage and prevents oxidative stress. Reduced L-Glutathione, which is in the most bio-available form, also supports a healthy immune system and is an anti-aging antioxidant. In addition, it’s a heavy metal chelator which allows for more frequent elimination of heavy metals and toxins.

All of the products listed below are included in this package.  

MTHFR Multi-Balance

1 Teaspoon Per Day

Pure Methylation

1 Capsule Per Day

Pure CoQ Supreme

1 Capsule Per Day


*We recommend going thru our 10 Day Detox program prior to starting any supplementation program.