Baby-B-Mine 2 Pack
Baby-B-Mine 2 Pack

Baby-B-Mine 2 Pack

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BiomeIQ’s Baby B Mine 2-Pack



What this package includes: 

2 Bottles of Baby B Mine 

What make Baby B Mine great? 

  • MTHFR Friendly Prenatal which provides nutritional support for both mom and baby. 
  • Ideal for use before, during and after pregnancy (lactation)
  • Contains active B Vitamins to support healthy methylation. 
  • Contains Choline to support cognitive development for baby. 
  • Contains a bioavailable form of Iron that is gentle on the stomach.

Do you have an MTHFR mutation and are looking for the right vitamins and nutrients for you and your baby?

Are you trying for a baby? Are you currently pregnant? Are you breastfeeding? BiomeIQ’s Baby B Mine is a spectacular pre- and post-natal which contains the cleanest, purest ingredients and works for all the stages of pregnancy.

An MTHFR Friendly prenatal containing high quality multi-vitamin and mineral support for before, during, and after pregnancy.

BiomeIQ’s Baby B Mine supports reproductive health when trying to conceive, during and throughout pregnancy, and while nursing. Our MTHFR-safe prenatal combines high quality, pure ingredients, is highly absorbable and is well tolerated throughout pregnancy.

Baby B Mine contains the most bioavailable form of Folate and B12 needed for those with MTHFR mutations. This prenatal supports reproductive health and promotes optimal Folate metabolism and methylation. Baby B Mine is formulated to meet the nutritional needs for pregnant and nursing women with MTHFR that are often overlooked in other popular pre-natals.

Ob/Gyn’s love this prenatal:  "As a practicing OB doctor for over 20 years, I’ve prescribed many different prenatal vitamins. This is as complete a prenatal vitamin as I’ve ever seen. I especially love the fact that this product ensures the highest degree of purity, contains no artificial additives or preservatives and is allergen free. Other important facts that have made this my preferred pre and postnatal vitamin is that it contains a very well tolerated and non constipating iron as well as the ideal form of folate especially for patients with any MTHFR gene mutations in the form of Calcium L 5 methyltetrahydrofolate." - Dr. Ferro

Baby B Mine supports optimal folate metabolism and methylation which is essential for mom's health and healthy development for baby. Our prenatal is allergen free and is all natural, meaning you won't find any additives or preservatives. Obstetrician approved for efficacy and safety, Baby B Mine meets and exceeds all recommended daily allowances for vitamins and minerals in pregnancy. 

Why we use Metafolin:

Many of the most popular and leading prenatal contain folic acid, a synthetic vitamin which must go through a series of conversions and changes within the body to become useful. For folic acid to be activated and used, it depends on the enzyme: methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. These enzymes are created by the MTHFR gene. However, 40% of the population has a genetic mutation within the MTHFR gene which impairs their ability to metabolize and use folic acid. 

Metafolin is based on the stable crystalline form of L-Methylfolate (also known as L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate), the naturally occurring, primary biologically active form of folate. Metafolin uses calcium salt, which sets it apart from other trademarked Folates such as Quatrafolic which uses Glucosamine salt. The calcium salt is what differentiates Metafolin making it highly bioavailable allowing for high absorption of active Folate.  The L-Methylfolate are directly bioavailable and therefore easy for the body to metabolize as they do not require any extra steps to be absorbed and enter circulation once ingested.

Metafolin contains L-5-Methyltetrahydrafolatereductase, the most active form of Folate in blood and the only Folate that can cross the blood-brain barrier. This form of Methylfolate supports healthy nervous system function, regulates conversion of homocysteine to methionine, and meets the methylation needs of those with MTHFR mutations. Methylfolate is the only folate shown to support cardiovascular health through supporting endothelial function

For women who are pregnant, nursing, or preparing for pregnancy getting an active and bioavailable form of Folate is essential for developing a heathy baby and for mom to be healthy throughout pregnancy. Baby B Mine gives both mom and baby the nutrients they need to support before becoming pregnant, during pregnancy, and while nursing.

During pregnancy and nursing, there are certain nutrients that should be particularly prioritized. Folate, zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber, protein, and all the essential fatty acids (especially DHA) are critical for both fetal development and maintaining the health and well-being of the mother. Our prenatal combines all these essential nutrients for pregnancy and has them in high-quality ingredients and within their most bioactive forms for optimal health during pregnancy.

If you have the choice over a synthetic form of a vitamin which will not be utilized and metabolized by the body vs. the most highly bioavailable and active form of Folate for optimal health, which would you choose?

Meet the ingredients:

  • This prenatal has a balanced mix of important nutrients in bioavailable forms such as: vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.
  • When you are looking for a prenatal, you want to get the most out of the vitamins and nutrients within for both mom and baby. High-quality, bioavailable, clean ingredients should be the standard for every prenatal, but this does not always occur. Many of the leading prenatal use inactive ingredients, ingredients that cause your body to work harder to utilize, rather than having them in the forms needed for direct use by the body. In addition, many of the leading prenatals use vitamins that do not work well for MTHFR affected bodies. Baby B Mine was designed for the body to get the most out of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals used, and to be well tolerated for those with MTHFR gene mutations.
  • We source our ingredients based on purity, bioavailability, documented actions, and safety. Please note that we only purchase our raw materials from highly reputable vendors who provide detailed Certificates of Analysis for every lot of material. As an extra measure of quality control. we also test the raw materials through independent testing laboratories to ensure that the raw materials used are both pure and potent. Our trace minerals come from Albion Laboratory. ALBION is the world leader and innovator in mineral amino acid chelate nutrition. Albion manufactures highly bioavailable nutritional mineral forms and is a trusted source for safe, proven, effective, organic minerals.
  • Active forms of Folate as Metafolin (L-5 MTHF) to support healthy methylation. Folate is needed to support normal fetal development and neural tube development. For those with MTHFR mutations, getting the right form of Folate is essential because of the inability for those with MTHFR mutations to utilize folic acid. Baby B Mine uses Folate as L-methyltetrahydrafolate which is the biologically active form found in the body which addresses the needs of those with MTHFR mutations.   Metafolin is based on the stable crystalline form of L-Methylfolate (also known as L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate), the naturally occurring, primary biologically active form of folate. Metafolin uses calcium salt, which sets it apart from other trademarked Folates such as Quatrafolic which uses Glucosamine salt. The calcium salt is what differentiates Metafolin making it highly bioavailable allowing for high absorption of active Folate. Sourced from Germany, Metafolin adheres to the highest standards when it comes to bioavailability and high quality, clean ingredients.
  • Active form of B12 as methyl cobalamin to support healthy methylation. Vitamin B12 and Folate work well together to support and drive healthy methylation. Vitamin B12 is needed during pregnancy for supporting healthy birth weight, neural tube development, methylation, gene expression, cell differentiation, healthy fetal development, and organogenesis (internal organs for fetus being formed). Many prenatals use Cyano Cobalamin, a cheaply made synthetic B Vitamin which requires work from the body to be turned into a useable form. Methyl Cobalamin is the most bioavailable form of B12 for the body, is high-quality, and is the form of B12 needed most by those with MTHFR mutations.
  • A healthy ratio of Folate, B12, and B6 to drive methylation and support absorption and utilization by the body.
  • Unlike many leading prenatals, our form of iron is gentle on the stomach. Our Iron is Ferrochel, a chelated iron which is well tolerable and highly bioavailable. During pregnancy, most women are not able to consume enough iron from food because the need for iron increases while pregnant.  Iron helps with immune function, oxygen transport, fetal brain development, normal fetal growth, healthy fetal development, healthy placenta development, and energy production and increased red blood cell volume for mom.
  • Vitamin D as cholecalciferol, a form of Vitamin D which provides high bioavailability and maximum absorption for those with MTHFR mutations. Vitamin D is essential during pregnancy to help with fetal growth and bone development, as well as supporting maternal health. When pregnant, Vitamin D regulates maternal immune responses to the placenta. Optimal Vitamin D levels are necessary for proper placental implantation. Baby B Mine provides the right amount of Vitamin D to support the needs of pregnant and nursing women.
  • Choline supports optimal fetal brain development and supports liver health for mom.  Focuses on cognitive development and brain health for baby.
  • Vitamin A mixed with Carotenoids, this combination allows for a tolerable and effective amount of Vitamin A for safe levels during pregnancy. This combination helps with fetal gene expression, healthy growth and differentiation of tissues and cells, supports healthy vision, and helps with immune system development.
  • Vitamin C as L-Ascorbic Acid helps to decrease oxidative stress that commonly occurs throughout pregnancy. Vitamin C supports developmental and biological functions for baby. This form of Vitamin C is gentle on the stomach and is well tolerated.
  • Vitamin E as d-alpha tocopherol succinate combined with mixed tocopherols (d-alpha,
  • d-beta, d-gamma, d-delta). This combination helps benefit fetal health and development.
  • Biotin is essential during pregnancy due to Biotin metabolism accelerating during pregnancy and Biotin reserves declining throughout pregnancy. Baby B Mine uses D-Biotin to support rapidly dividing fetal cells. There are many different forms of Biotin, however, D-Biotin is the only form with full vitamin activity. It is naturally occurring and the most biologically active form of Biotin.
  • We have combined two forms of Magnesium for optimal health and wellness during pregnancy. TRAACS Magnesium BisGlycinate Chelate is a fast-acting form of Magnesium Glycinate with the best bioavailability. This chelated form allows for the Magnesium to easily enter the body and to remain intact as it makes its way from the stomach to the small intestines, resulting in more Magnesium absorption than a non-chelated version. This form of Magnesium is least likely to cause gut distress or laxative effects. Magnesium helps keep blood pressure normal, bones strong, and the heart rhythm steady. We also use Magnesium Oxide. Magnesium Oxide is effective in treating low Magnesium levels or Magnesium deficiencies within the body. This combination of Magnesium allows for healthy levels of Magnesium for both mom and baby.
  • Iodine supports maternal thyroid health and myelination for fetal brain and spinal cord.

Benefits of Baby B Mine:

  • Provides nutritional support for both mom and baby
  • Supports Neural Tube development
  • Supports cognitive health
  • Supports fetal brain development
  • Supports red blood cell formation
  • Supports maternal and fetal bone health
  • Supports optimal folate metabolism and methylation
  • Supports heart health
  • Supports the upkeep of healthy homocysteine levels
  • Allergen free
  • All natural, no additives or preservatives
  • Ideal for use before, during and after pregnancy (lactation)
  • Meets or exceeds all recommended daily allowances for vitamins and minerals in pregnancy
  • Obstetrician approved for efficacy and safety
  • Non constipating iron formulation

Does not contain:

  • Milk/Casein
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Peanuts
  • Wheat
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.