BiomeIQ MTHFR Supplements - Detox Extender

20 Day Detox Extender

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2x Detox P5.0 - 30 Packs (20 Days)

1x Detox Shake P5.0 (20 Days)

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START with the "Detox Kit Total Relief Package" and add the "20 Day Detox Extender" for a 30 day Detox with "Digestive Enzymes"

Detoxification and Metabolic Clearing Formula. Absolutely essential to support the natural detoxification pathway which can be reduced by MTHFR mutations - 30 Packs

Nutritional Support for Detoxification and Metabolic Clearing Functions.  This shake can be used by itself for on-going daily detoxification support or in combination with P5.0 30-Pack.  Designed for the rigorous demands of MTHFR enzyme reduction.