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Detox Kit Total Relief Package
BiomeIQ MTHFR Supplements - Detox Kit Total Relief Package
Detox Kit Total Relief Package

Detox Kit Total Relief Package

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What Does BiomeIQ’s Detox Do and How does it Work?

MTHFR mutations cause an inability to make adequate methylation. Methylation is essential for detoxification, resulting in the inability to clear toxins from the body leading to an overload of toxicity. Detoxification is critical to being healthy with MTHFR mutations because it helps get out chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, food, and all the bad things that we put into our bodies.

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Detoxification Kit Complete includes:

  • Detox P5.0 Pills - 30 Packs - Detoxification and Metabolic Clearing Formula, 1 pack of pills three times per day for 10 days
  • Detox Shake P5.0 - Nutritional Morning Shake to kick start Detoxification and Metabolic Clearing Functions
  • Digestive Enzyme 1 pre detox - with Pancreatic Support for improved Intestinal Health. Dietary Supplement - 180 Tablets
  • Digestive Enzyme 2 pre detox - with Bromelain to reduce intestinal inflammation. Dietary Supplement - 100 Tablets


    When should I begin to feel better?

    Your medical history, including the use of medications, exposure to toxic materials in the workplace, and your age, can affect the rate of improvement. A slower response time might be expected for older patients. Most people begin to feel better within one to two weeks on the cleansing program; others may take a longer time to see an improvement in their symptoms.

    What happens if my symptoms worsen during the Bio-Detoxification Program?
    If your symptoms get worse, it’s due to the healing crisis. Remember to drink 3-5 pints of water, not to overexert physically, and to allow yourself to be “sluggish” while your body is detoxifying. After you detoxify, you will regain your vitality.

    What side effects can I expect?
    Individual response to cleansing programs is highly variable due to personal differences in biochemical makeup, stress levels, toxin build-up, and medical histories. Individuals sometimes experience headaches, joint pain, mood swings, constipation or other side effects.
    These side effects are commonly associated with cleansing programs and usually dissipate
    within a week to 10 days. Notify your healthcare provider if you develop any adverse symptoms, or encounter discomfort while using this product with your individualized program.

    How much weight can I expect to lose on the Bio-Detoxification program?
    Detox shake and other supplements in the bio-detoxification program are not formulated for weight loss. However, fluid retention or bloating is a symptom of toxicity. As people begin to detoxify, they will lose retained fluids, which may result in the loss of 2 to 10 pounds.

    Is it OK to exercise while I am on the Bio-Detoxification program?
    Yes. Clinical experience has shown that some individuals experience reduced energy and stamina due to the body’s detoxification process. If you exercise regularly, give yourself permission to ease up on the time and intensity of your workout. If you do not exercise regularly, it may be best to wait until you have finished the detoxification program. However, it is okay to go for a walk and enjoy nature.

    What is the reason for putting me on a restricted or elimination diet during the Bio-Detoxification program?
    One of the purposes of the bio-detoxification program is to potentially remove all allergenic foods from your diet, and allow you to choose from a group of healthy and organic foods to which you are less likely to be allergic. The foods allowed are based on the scientific literature available, and do not contain any ingredients that could interfere with the cleansing process. This helps to put less stress on the digestive system and support the liver detoxification.

    What are the main foods I will be avoiding?
    The bio-detoxification booklet will take you through the approach step by step and will also provide you with recommended food choices. However, for informational purposes, those foods recommended to avoid in the Anti-Inflammatory Diet are the main foods to avoid during the bio-detoxification program.

    Where can I get more information?
    Register here and watch our webinar on “MTHFR mutations – How To Detox”