Immune Boost Package

Immune Boost Package

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Do you get sick often? Do you have a hard time recovering from illnesses? Support your immune health with this combination of supplements.

Immune Balance 1: Do you have a low immune system? Get sick often? Want to add some extra immune protection for cold and flu season? Or back to school? Biome IQ’s Immune Balance 1 helps support and protect the immune system. By adding immunoglobulins and active proteins into the body, Immune Balance 1 aids in maintaining a healthy gut and is a preventive step for autoimmune diseases.

MTHFR Multi-Balance: Looking to stay protected from sicknesses throughout the year? Vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system, producing healthy levels of collagen and connective tissue, supporting the adrenals, and reducing the frequency of illness.

Pure D3 2oz: When living with MTHFR mutations, the immune system needs to be strong due to the buildup of toxins that distract the immune system from other threats. Vitamin D supports the immune system and having Vitamin D3 as an immune modulator, is essential for optimal gut health.